TanOrganic Sustainable Packaging

by Site Author on February 18, 2021
TanOrganic Sustainable Packaging

As kind to your skin as we are to the planet.

Did you know that Over 440,000 kg of plastic from Ireland ends up in the ocean every year? After doing some research, we were horrified at the results we found about Ireland’s history of recycling. It indicates an important and previously undocumented pathway of plastic debris entering the oceans, which will have considerable environmental and social impacts in years to come.

From the beginning, TanOrganic set out to produce high end cosmetics which are ethically made and sustainable. We avoid using plastic in all of our packaging to preserve the integrity of our products. We use only the best natural packaging, as well as natural ingredients. All TanOrganic products come in coloured glass bottles which are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Glass, unlike plastic, doesn’t allow chemicals to ‘leach-out’ and mix with the contents of the bottle. We also screen print any information on our bottles to avoid unnecessary paper labels.

Don’t stop at the top, recycle the lot!

For ten consecutive years, TanOrganic have received a top-ranking Ethical Company index score of 100, which demonstrates our long-standing ethical commitments.

“People are becoming more and more conscious about that what they are putting onto their skin, that it is not only kind to their skin but to the environment too. For us as an Irish brand to be leading the way globally in terms of ethics in the tanning world is a huge win and a massive achievement.” -Noelle O’Connor

At TanOrganic, sustainable packing is a promise & a priority. We want our boxes to be filled with purpose when they arrive on your doorstep. We’re constantly looking for new innovative ways to improve the footprint we leave behind, and we want to help reduce the plastic waste in Ireland as much as we can.

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