Top tips for taking care of your skin while wearing a face mask!

by Site Author on September 14, 2020
Top tips for taking care of your skin while wearing a face mask!

Following the government guidelines it is now essential that we wear face coverings as much as possible when interacting out in public and in particular when out shopping and on public transport. Masks play a vital role in reducing the spread of the coronavirus which is why it is so important that we all play our part and wear them.

Masks however, can be hard on your skin, which can cause skin problems that range from acne, to dry skin, to rashes and itchiness. To help prevent skin problems from developing as a result of wearing a mask, we have put together some tips that will help keep your skin in tip top shape:

  1. Avoid wearing makeup when wearing a mask. Wearing makeup underneath your mask is more likely to clog your pores and lead to breakouts. If you really want to wear face makeup try use products that are “non-comedogenic”. Another alternative to face makeup would be applying a natural facial tanning oil instead so you can still achieve that sunkissed radiant glow. Specially formulated for the delicate skin on the face, TanOrganic’s Moisturising Facial Tan Oil (€24.99) is a good alternative as it’s made from only natural ingredients so it won’t irritate your skin or clog your pores.
  2. Wearing the right mask is so important for protection for both you and others against coronavirus. However, if a mask is too big and moving around on your face or if it feels too tight it can cause irritation on your skin. When choosing a mask make sure that has a snug, but comfortable fit and is made from soft, natural, and breathable fabric, such as cotton. Try to avoid synthetic fabrics, such as nylon, polyester, and rayon. These are more likely to irritate your skin and cause breakouts. If you have sensitive skin we would recommend choosing a fabric that feels soft on the inside. If you have acne or oily prone skin, cotton material face masks would be the best option.
  3. Cleanse and moisturize your face daily with mild, fragrance free cleansers. Using gentle skin care is key to preventing skin problems.
  4. If you suffer with dry skin as a result of wearing your face mask, apply a facial serum every morning and every night as the serum will help penetrate to the third layer of the skin offering a protective layer that can reduce dryness. Unlike traditional creams, TanOrganic Moisturising Facial Serum (€24.99) is light and easily absorbed. Not only will it prevent dry skin, this serum is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants which hold the ability to regress the signs of ageing, erase wrinkles and other skin degenerations as well.
  5. Wearing a mask for even a short time can make your skin more sensitive. To reduce skin problems, avoid trying harsh products that contains lots of chemicals. Gentle products that contain natural ingredients are a much better alternative with less chance of causing irritation.

We hope some of these tips help you look after skin your skin. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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