Gluconolactone: What is it? & why do we use it in our products?

by Robyn McCarthy on February 02, 2023
Gluconolactone: What is it? & why do we use it in our products?


Gluconolactone is white crystalline powder derived from gluconic acid, which is a substance naturally produced by mammals. It can also be produced from corn commercially which is what we use.

What Does Gluconolactone Do in Our products?

Gluconolactone is a preservative, but it is also a humectant and a solvent. It is a free-radical scavenger, which makes it helpful for protecting skin from some of the effects of UV radiation and for exfoliation. In food, gluconolactone is a curing and pickling agent, a leavening agent, and a pH control agent. Gluconolactone is also present in dozens of personal care products, including moisturizer, facial cleansers, sunscreen, conditioner, and other items. The version we use is produced from corn.

Why TanOrganic Uses Gluconolactone

We use gluconolactone in several of our products as a preservative. It is an ECOCERT-approved ingredient, and they has deemed the ingredient acceptable in its body care quality standards. In addition, research shows the ingredient is not a strong skin irritant and provides UV protection. It is also effective at fighting acne.

Gluconolactone and other PHAs have a larger molecular structure than AHAs and BHAs. Because of its larger chemical structure, gluconolactone doesn’t penetrate past the first layers of skin, meaning it’s gentler on the skin for those with sensitive skin and makes the perfect micro exfoliator for Tanorganic Self Tanners ensuring a beautiful fade off.

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