Pregnancy, Hormones and Tan by Aisling Fox (AOK Nutrition)

by Noelle OConnor on March 14, 2022
Pregnancy, Hormones and Tan by Aisling Fox (AOK Nutrition)

Ditch the sushi, take your folic acid, hard boiled eggs only, goodbye wine’ - these are some of the common sacrifices women make to ensure that what we put into our body is as healthy and nourishing as possible for fertility + pregnancy. Our bodies change so much during pregnancy that often keeping that little glam part of us is our way of feeling like our normal pre pregnancy
self and a major part of that glam is keeping our year round bronze glow from sunless tanning.
While we may be more focused on what goes IN to our body, did you know that what goes ON to the body can impact us too? You may have heard of words like ‘parabens, phthalates and synthetics’ before. These are chemicals, called Xeno-oestrogens, found in a lot of beauty and cleaning products that can affect hormones, egg quality and fertility. Xeno -oestrogens actually
have the ability to mimic our own hormones. However, instead of these hormones making us happy + horny - they make our periods heavy, our boobs sore and can impact baby’s development too ! While it is impossible to avoid these completely (so don’t get too stressed about this) there are some really easy things you can do to reduce your exposure to these chemicals.

1) Switch to chemical free products. Thankfully as Tan Organic is 100% natural and certified organic, they have us covered here! One of the tips I give my clients is to start with the products that you use the most i.e. body moisturizer and fake tan, as these are going on to the whole body. Tan Organic’s Multiuse Dry Oil is a gorgeous natural moisturizing oil made of plant and nut oils which is ideal for dry skin. This can also be used to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy too! They also have such a wide range of fake tans: everything from a light glow to a beautiful deep tan.

2) Look for fragrance free products: most products (both cosmetic and cleaning) have synthetic fragrances added to them - these fragrances are the phthalates! The worst contenders for phthalates are nail varnish, fabric softeners, hair styling products and our beloved expensive perfumes! Again we don’t need to bin all of our products but maybe think twice about using perfume everyday. All of Tan Organics fragrances are natural and synthetic free!

3) Eat your greens: ok so this is obviously not a huge revelation (your mammy has been telling you to eat your greens for as long as you can remember!). However, do you know WHY greens are important? Imagine your leafy greens (we are talking kale, broccoli, cabbage) are like a bus that collects toxins. If you have broccoli every sunday with your roast dinner and that's it - then your bus only comes once per week! This is why it is important to eat leafy greens as much as we can to support *detoxification of these toxins.

*Disclaimer: your body is detoxing 24/7 but there are things we can do to help it along!

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