Tan Thursday Tanning Tips

by Noelle OConnor on July 15, 2021
Tan Thursday Tanning Tips

Patiently waiting for the heatwave to arrive…

In the meantime, here are the TanOrganic team’s top tan tips to get the best results from your tan. Just in time for Tan Thursday!


Hair removal

Okay, step 1 – get laser hair removal (we wish)! All jokes aside, shaving right before you tan is a recipe for disaster. Make sure to shave at least 12 hours before you plan on tanning. This ensures that your hair follicles will have closed back up in time to tan & helps prevents those pesky small dark dots!



Exfoliating is absolutely essential for a smooth glowy finished look! Get rid of all of the evidence of last week’s tan and create the smoothest base possible using the Tan-Erase Exfoliating Glove. You’ll want to spend a little more time exfoliating where your skin is thickest, on the elbows, knees and ankles. Cya never dead skin cells!





We know drinking at least 2 litres of waters daily isn’t always the easiest task but it is SO worth it! Drink 2L of water the day before you apply your tan to increase your natural hydration levels. Plus, it’ll do all that other good stuff like carrying nutrients through our bodies and maintaining our skin’s elasticity. It’s a win-win!



Another non-negotiable when it comes to tanning prep is moisturising, especially in places where we may suffer from dry skin (knees, elbows). We should moisturise daily but especially leading up to Tan Thursday. Rough, scaly tan patches are exactly what we DON’T want! I love using Multi-Use Moisturising Dry Oil to ensure that my skin is as hydrated as possible, and I continue to apply it daily after application to prolong my tan.



Hot shower

A warm shower or bath isn’t just good for the soul, but it’s great for your skin too! Don’t get me wrong, cold showers can be nice too, but your body is more hydrated with hot water. This also means that the sooner you apply tan after a hot shower the better. The best time for your tan to work is when your skin is at maximum natural hydration levels – don’t delay!


Blend, blend, blend

Just like our foundation, our tan must be blended well for a smooth and even bronze! This is especially important in trickier spots like your wrists and ankles. I like to use whatever product is already on the gloves for these areas to make sure I don’t use too much.

Bonus tip: Try using a spare foundation brush to apply tan to hands and feet (you can thank me later)!


Have a quick dance!

Time to leave your tan dry! We recommend waiting at least 10 minutes before getting dressed. Pop on your favourite music and have a quick bop to speed up the process (Britney is my go-to but let’s keep that between us). Also, for the next 4-8 hours, it is best to wear loose clothing and try to avoid much sweating.

P.S. Don’t forget to close the curtains!!

Now that you've got your tan application down to a tee, you just have to make it last! Read more about how to make your fake tan last longer here.

What are your favourite tanning tips?


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