Golden Rules To Gorgeous Self-Tan Daytime and Nighttime Looks

by Noelle OConnor on July 07, 2020
Golden Rules To Gorgeous Self-Tan Daytime and Nighttime Looks

A perfect self-tan application is a modern art. These stunning tanning layering tips will ensure a fabulous finish for both daytime and nighttime looks!

Rule 1: Patch Test
Patch testing a hidden part of your skin is essential to trial the darkness of the tan and development time. This will help you decide how many layers you’ll need to achieve your perfect shade and avoid disasters!

Rule 2: Prep 24 Hours Before Tanning
Avoid skin irritation by waxing/shaving at-least 24 hours before applying self-tan. Exfoliate your entire body with a gentle exfoliating mitt to remove any old tan and dead skin cells. Moisturise with body oil rather than a lotion/cream. As lotions/creams are water based, they evaporate off the skin; unlike oils, which soak into the skin. Proper prep promises a perfect canvas for your tan. Golden Rules To Gorgeous Self-Tan Daytime and Nighttime Looks

Rule 3: Perfect Your Application
A tan is only as good as it’s application! Before applying self-tan, moisturise dry skin areas such as the elbows, knees, wrists, and ankles, which are known as ‘Tan Disaster Areas’ (TDA’s). This prevents tan from clinging to dry patches, which would give a blotchy finish. Once skin is prepped, apply self-tan in circular motions with a high quality, clean tanning glove/mitt (unless otherwise advised by product). Always remember to wait until the first layer is absorbed into the skin before applying the next!

Rule 4: Deeper Layers = Deeper Colour
The layering technique is the superlative secret to a natural, golden bronzed self-tan. Planning your tan applications is essential with this technique to achieve a gorgeous glow. The daytime self-tan look is
perfect for giving skin a healthy glow. Apply up-to two layers of product over one or two nights, is key to achieving the stunning sun-kissed finish. A deeper golden-goddess tan is gorgeous as a nighttime look. Layering self-tan applications over 2-3 nights before a big event will give a gradual, natural looking, strong tan. Layering is an art that will allow you to achieve a truly perfect glow, no matter what the occasion!

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